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How I'm Advertising on Facebook in 2018 After Their Newsfeed Algorithm Update

Have you noticed that your Facebook newsfeed consists mainly of videos and articles from groups and pages? Their algorithm shows 'relevant content' tailored just for you.

That's about to change.

Last Thursday Facebook announced they were making fundamental changes to the newsfeed. Their new direction aims to immerse users in meaningful posts and conversations between friends and family.

Effects on Facebook Advertising

You'll also see much less ads in the newsfeed.

And that's what interests me, since I run Facebook ads for a lot of clients.

With less space (supply) for businesses to advertise on, the cost to advertise on Facebook is going to increase. In 2017 alone, prices rose 41%, as more businesses advertised on the platform than ever before. 2018 will see a more drastic increase in cost for newsfeed ads.

But here's the thing. Facebook's announcements all discuss the news feed.

Other Ad in Options Facebook

The news feed isn't the only place ads show. There's the right column, instant articles, the audience network, and in-stream videos.

Facebook's not decreasing supply for those spots. They'll still be there. Prices there will also rise, but not as drastically as on the news feed. I'll be creating new campaigns with ads specifically for those placements.

Instagram (Owned by Facebook & Same Ad Platform)

And most blatant of all, the announcements didn't mention Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and Instagram ads are done on the Facebook platform. The newsfeed on Instagram will remain unchanged, and that's where I'm looking to keep costs down and advertise for my clients in 2018.


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