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Bing Ads for New Patients Cost 64% Less Than Google

People have one of two responses when I tell them I advertise on Bing.

  1. Why? No one uses Bing!

  2. Interesting...tell me more.

People DO use Bing, although not as much as Google.

I'm running Bing Ads simultaneously with Google Ads for several clients. They work the same way as Google Ads, reaching patients who are actively searching for a doctor or a particular procedure.

Because they're actively seeking your services, these patients are the most likely to book appointments.

Bing Costs Less for New Patient Searches

Across multiple medical niches I've found significantly lower cost per click on Bing than Google.

Take, for example, a dermatologist. The average cost per click in Google for "dermatologist" is $4.12. On Bing, it's $0.71.

They're saving 83% on patient clicks from Bing for the same keyword!

Costs Per Click In Various Medical Niches

This table compares costs per click for keywords among several medical niches.

On average, Bing clicks cost 64% less than Google Adwords for these medical terms.

Comparison for Other Niches

This holds true in non-medical niches, as well. For example:

Google is saturated with attorneys and financial advisors, and the competition has caused prices for clicks in those niches to skyrocket. Bing is a lower-cost alternative.

Should You Ditch Adwords and Move Over To Bing?

Excited? Ready to mover over Bing to get a better bang for your buck?

Great, but do NOT abandon Adwords.

The downside to Bing Ads, especially for medical practices, is its small relatively reach. You won't get the same volume of new patients as from Google.

Instead, look at Bing is as another marketing channel among several to drive new appointments.

If you're not using Bing Ads already, I'd strongly suggest giving it a go.


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