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Case Study: More Patients From This Discovery in New vs Returning Visitors Report

Today I performed a quick audit for a new dermatologist client. Right away I found several low-hanging fruits to implement that could increase their new appointment bookings.

Here's one thing I found:

  • 6.76% of people who come to the website just once end up contacting the practice to book an appointment.

  • People who come multiple times to the website, on the other hand, have a 12.41% booking appointment rate.

That's almost double!

Double the Chances of Appointment Bookings

This means that if we can get patients returning to the website, we could double the chances of them booking an appointment.

Bring Patients Back To Site With Re-marketing

There are a number of strategies I use to do that, most notably re-marketing. That's where we track people who have visited our website but didn't book an appointment, and show those visitors a series of follow-up ads/posts/messages.

How Many Site Visits Are Enough To Increase Bookings?

Still, a question remains. What does 'returning' mean? How many times must a patient return to the website before they're significantly more likely to book an appointment? By creating custom segments based on the number of visits, I was able to pinpoint the ideal count of visits for increasing appointments.

My hunch was that the more times people came to the site, the more likely they would be to book an appointment. I was wrong.

Believe it or not, people who came to the website just 2 times were the most likely to book, at 15.35%.

That's good news, because it means that a very basic re-marketing (follow-up) campaign will drive fast results for this client.

Will This Work For Every Practice?

No. Most clients have different data. What works for one practice won't necessarily work for another. Each practice needs to be on top of their own Google Analytics and find what's driving their patients.

For more information on how I set this up, watch this Youtube video I created:


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