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Attract Local Clients With Google's New Local Ad Format

If you want more local patients / clients, you should check this out. Last month Google released a new ad format in the Google Display Network for businesses to reach local customers. It's called Display Location Extensions.

Promote Your Business to Locals in Mobile Apps & Sites

With the rise of smartphones, people are searching more for local businesses while on the go.

At the same time, consumers are spending more time in apps and mobile-optimized websites. Display Location Extensions shows your business and location to nearby customers while they're surfing the web on their phone or using an app.

​​Reaching Local Google Users Outside The Search Results

What sets this apart from 'typical' Google PPC ads? It reaches local customers outside the search results page!

And even more powerful, the ads look very similar to the Google's search results ads.

Familiar Look of Search Ads

The familiar look of the ads inspires trust and increases the chance of potential customers calling or visiting the store.

The Display Location Extensions allow businesses to:

  • provide an incentive ( like 25% off today! )

  • add a picture to draw attention

  • get people to call or get driving directions straight from the ad.

This empowers local businesses to reach BEYOND the search engines and attract customers who may not be actively looking for their services, but would purchase if they were aware.

Example: A Local Massage Therapist

For example, let's say a massage therapist is looking to take on new clients.

They're already running PPC Seach Ads in Google to reach nearby customers who are searching on Google for massage therapy services.

But the ads don't create demand. They're passive.

If there's only 20 local searches a week for a massage therapist, there's not much more the business can do in the search results to create more demand.

Creating Demand and New Leads

Here's where the Display Location Extensions Ads come in. The massage therapist could reach more potential clients with these ads because they show to local customers on the websites and apps they are browsing.

They create awareness, interest and demand. And they drive more leads than just the Google PPC Search Ads alone.

Sophisticated Targeting To Reach The Perfect Local Audience

These Display ads provide advanced targeting so businesses can reach just the right audience.

Here are some ways the massage therapist could target potential clients:

  • They may want it to show their ads on articles related to stress reduction, or on health-related apps. That way when someone nearby is reading about how to reduce stress, they'll be invited to his clinic for a massage.

  • Or he could choose "In Market" targeting and reach people nearby who are in the market for spa and beauty services, as identified by Google's algorithm tracking their online behavior.

  • If he has an email list of clients and leads, he could upload those to show specific ads to those people, with a special offer incentivizing them to come back for a massage.

  • He may decide to only show the ads in certain zip codes and not others, or to men over 50, or other demographic options.

Those are just a few examples. Google Display Network offers many more ways they could reach the right, local audience.

How To Create A Local Extension Display Ad

If you're already familiar with Adwords, setting up a new Local Extension Display ad is straightforward.

  1. First, make sure your business has a verified Google My Business Account.

  2. Then link the verified Google My Business account to your Adwords account.

  3. Create a new Google Display Network campaign.

  4. Create a new ad in the Ad Gallery.

5. Select general purpose ads.

6. Select the "Location Extension Format" option.

7. Now add your headline, description, business name, logo, images and final url. There are options to customize with different sizes, and make sure your text is within the character limit of each section.

That's how you set up the ad!

Now that the ad is set up, its success will depend on the precision of your targeting.The targeting aspect is more complex and beyond the scope of this article. I'll likely write a series of posts about it in the future.

Local businesses that are already advertising on Google, and looking to drive even more local foot traffic to their stores should start using these new extensions in display ads.


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