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Tap Into The 1000% Growth In "Near Me" Searches

Most local businesses understand the importance of having a visible presence on Google. That way when a nearby customer searches for their services, they're easily found.

'Near Me' Searches

Local businesses stand to gain a lot from 'near me' searches.

The volume of people making "near me" searches, particularly on mobile devices, has exploded.

1000%+ Growth Since 2013

Here's a Google Trends report I pulled this morning showing people searching for 'doctor near me,' 'restaurant near me' and 'movie theater near me.'

These niches alone have seen 1000% growth in "near me" searches since 2013.

Tap Into This Trend, Even If You're Not The Closest

Did you know there are ways your business can take advantage of this trend? The best part is you don't even have to be the closest business in order to get customers from these sort of searches.

By creating unique landing pages and ad copy tailored to these searches, I capture more leads for my clients.

Tip: These searches come predominantly from mobile devices, so make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly and that your site loads quickly.


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