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How To Get Warm Prospects Texting YOU First, Straight from Google

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last 10 years, you know that text messages are the preferred means of communication for millennials.

But millennials aren't the only ones who prefer texting. In fact, anyone who's in a situation where they're unable to speak on the phone would prefer texting. Maybe they're out at lunch with friends, or between meetings and don't have time for a phone call, but still need a quick answer. Or maybe they're in a public restroom...

A Google Adwords feature was released several months ago that allows customers to send a text message to your business directly from the search results. Recent studies show that enabling this extension can increase your ads' click through rates by 50 percent.

(Image source: Adwords Google Blog )

Reach More Clients On Mobile Devices, Get Them To Contact YOU

The extension is very significant for targeting clients on their mobile devices. When they see your ad and are offered the options to visit the website, call your business or send a text message, it increases the chances of them actually contacting you.

They may not be in a situation where they can make a phone call, but they could still comfortably initiate a conversation through texting.

Clearly Keep Record of New Client Inquiries

Another benefit of the text extension is that it's much easier for businesses to track the quality of customer leads. Everything is saved as a written record in the text messages, as opposed to having your receptionist save notes from a phone call.

More Real Estate on Google's First Page Pushes Down Your Competition

The extension gives your business more space in the search results at no extra cost, making you more visible than your competitors.

Schedule New Inquiries When Convenient For You

It's also convenient because you can schedule your extensions to only show when your office is open. Since you probably don't want to answer new client inquiries in the middle of the night, you can opt to receive them during office hours only.

If you haven't added Message Extensions to your Google Search Ads, it's time to do so.


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