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Pro Hack: Page-Only Focus For More Prospects, Phone Call & Sales Inquiries

"Our site converts leads at about 2% and we want to improve that."

Many marketers and businesses who hire me for consulting are focused on their site's overall conversion rate.

That is, the percentage of website visitors who convert into sales leads.

Some of the more savvier businesses are aware of varying conversion rates from different channels (like SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Referral, Email, etc).

Page-Only Conversion Rates

A paradigm shift I introduce to them is to briefly shift their focus from the conversion rate of their site or particular channel, and look at Page-Only conversion rates.

For instance, using Google Analytics, I identify which pages are driving the most leads, phone calls and service/product inquiries.

What To Do With That Data

Then, we profit more from those pages in a number of ways.

  1. Applying similar designs, copy and page structure to other pages of the site.

  2. Redirecting marketing campaigns to the high-converting pages, so more people reach them as either landing page or intermediary page in the sales funnel.

  3. Strategically causing people on the site to visit these high converting pages through changes to the site's menu and internal links.

By analyzing your high-converting pages and creating strategies to drive more people through those pages, you can increase conversion rates and get more leads for your business.


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