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Get 3x More Customers Using Pics of Your Store

When I start Facebook Ads or Google Display (banner) ads for brick-and-mortar clients, I have them send me several pictures of their storefront.

Doing this can increase click-thrus on ads by 300%. The reason is that these images really catch a local customer's attention.

The Psychology Behind It

When you run ads to people within a certain-mile radius of your office, they'll recognize the outside of your office and think, "Hey, I just drove by that place!"

They're much more likely to click on that ad than if you had used a picture they don't recognize right away, or worse still: a stock photo.

Since you want nearby clients to walk into your office/store, you need to make a strong connection between your online ads and your physical store.

Lowered Costs Per Click

Better yet, by increasing your click-thru rates, not only will you get more foot traffic into your office. You'll also improve your ad's relevancy, which can decrease your cost-per-click and make your campaigns more profitable.


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