Freelance Google & Bing Ads Specialist

Hi! I'm Nick Lees. I manage Search PPC ads to drive leads for high-ticket products and services. 


For nearly a decade, I've worked full-time with Google and Bing ads in extremely competitive niches. 


As a specialist with deep expertise in the platforms, I've helped 100's of businesses achieve an average 5x return on ad spend. 


In addition, I'm a sought-after consultant by marketing agencies for PPC & re-marketing strategies. 

Unique & Refreshing Approach 


Unlike many digital marketers, I'm not a jack of all trades. I'm a deep-level expert in Search Engine Marketing and Re-marketing.


I love being a freelancer and thrive at working hands-on in the trenches of Google ads. 


And since all of my own clients come from word of mouth, I hardly do any self-promotion these days. 


As a result, 100% of my time and focus goes on getting YOU quality leads. 

Since we switched from a large marketing agency to Nick, we’ve seen an exponential increase in lead generation on a lower budget.

Spencer Ho

 BWI, The Complete Prepress Solution

Focused On YOUR Success?


Ever get the feeling that most digital marketing agencies are more focused on their growth than yours? 


They may have slick sales presentations, but deep down you sense they put more sweat in chasing clients and promoting themselves than helping you. 

What's Really Going On


Internally, agencies are constantly putting out fires and dealing with notoriously high staff and client turnover. 


After sales commissions, training new employees, chasing new deals and other overhead, the few scraps of resources left over go toward actual client work.


And it's often handled by junior staff, to save on agency expenses.

What Sets Us Apart

I'm an established freelancer with happy clients and no dreams to build an agency. Since I'm not scrambling for new projects, I have bandwidth to give each client the personal care and attention they deserve. 


Clients get a veteran, top-notch Google ads expert handling their account; there's no middlemen.


I genuinely value and become invested in each client in a way that an agency cannot. I see your success as my success, and together we achieve exceptional results.

Are You A Good Fit?


My services are ideal for businesses:

  • Doing at least $1 million in annual revenue

  • Selling high end ($2,000+) products or services​

For example, I've had excellent results for medical devices, law firms, manufacturing equipment, commercial furniture and more. 


Is that you? We should speak. 


***As a freelancer, I have a limited number of clients I can handle at a time, but I will help you if I can. 




Check out a few of my clients:


“We are absolutely thrilled. Nick's brought a 5x increase in incoming calls with a smaller budget than we used before! ”

Lenore Kellman, GMAX Test Prep Center



Looking forward to hearing from you!

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ISR: 054-917-6673

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